Re: Target Pergolide Dosage

Nancy C

Hi Julia

There is no chart for pergolide doses.  Just like with humans you need to dose, watch, make adjustments if needed. The good news is with time you and your vet get better at this.

It sounds like you are moving in the right direction. A lot of us use a checklist of symptoms. IF I got to where my vet and I thought we needed to be and I still saw symptoms, I would discuss the possibility of upping the pergolide.

it is especially important to monitor feet and trim this time of year.

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FACT: To diagnose IR, the ECIR Group recommends a non-fasted, simple blood draw for serum insulin, glucose and leptin and the use of VA Polytechnic Proxies

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Reading archived conversations on retesting one said when you reach your target dosage to retest.  How does one know this target dosage?  I saw an IR calculator on the History form but have yet to find a chart telling dosage amounts for Pergolide.


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