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The list philosophy is Diagnosis, Diet, Trim and Exercise.

AT this point, you don't have a diagnosis. An ACTH of 42 pg/ml at this time of year is squarely in the "grey" area.  It is not a firm indication of Cushing's (PPID); it could have been caused by trailering him to get his blood work done, or heavy exercise in the days before the blood pull, or it could indeed be an indication of early PPID.  However, given his spotty history,( poor guy!), and the many clinical signs he is showing, I don't think PPID is where I would be betting my money. I would be concerned about other issues.

Tango needs a full vet check, with blood pulled for CBC, chemistry screen, and Lyme multiplex (sent to Cornell); as well as ACTH, insulin, and leptin.  The glucose will be in the chem screen. The sooner you get a diagnosis on what is going on with this boy, the sooner you can appropriately address his issues. It will be cheaper than using Prascend if you don't need it in the long run.

Blood should be pulled from a non-fasting horse (or pony) in a quiet barn; blood spun, separated, and frozen or chilled asap, then sent to the lab at Cornell on ice.

More information here:

If you can go to EC History 8, join, follow the instructions and upload a case history on him, that would be fabulous.  I have sent you an invitation to join EC History 8, and included the link below in case the invitation doesn't get to you:

Regarding his lethargy, he could be experiencing the "Pergolide Veil", a condition of reduced appetite and lethargy that can happen if the pergolide is started abruptly at the full 1 mg dose, instead of being tapered up.  This could be even more true if he doesn't need the pergolide in the first place.  I would get the vet out asap for the blood work, to see if he even needs the pergolide.

I am sure this isn't what you wanted to hear when you asked for advice on getting his meds into him! There is something very wrong with this horse; I, for one, would be delighted to hear it is "just" PPID, but my index of suspicion is high for some other issue.

I will be in Fort Frances next week, so I will wave to you across the river!

Jaini (BVSc),Merlin,Maggie,Gypsy


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Have a 14 year old quarter horse gelding named tango he was just diagnosed ppid about 3 weeks ago. I just bought him so have limited info on him. His ACTH # is 42 pg/ml 9 - 35 that is all he was tested for.He's on 1 mg of prgolide,that started just a week before I got him.

His former owner only owned him for 2 months said she had vet out on 9 -1-2015 to do the blood work,tango is skinny and was lethargic. He's 14.3  to15 hands tall and a body score of a 2.5,he's been passed around a lot in last year and a half 9 owners 6 different sale barns in five different states,he's papered so have all the different owners on transfer record. His body score is a little better he's to a 3 now.

His diet is 5lbs of senior feed nuterena brand 5 lbs of alfalfa hay this is once a day, he's on pasture 24/7 this was his diet with last owner,so i'v kept things the same.

He seems very depressed not wanting to eat feed or hay nibbles at it, but just stands head hanging looking miserable. First day he was here he ate real good then as the days went by he started not  finishing his feed to now hardly eating at all.

So need some advice on what to do for him he wont take his pergolide tried putting it in a piece of apple refused it. This is second day he has not had his medicine.He has no lameness and his hooves were trimmed before I bought him.

Thank you for all and any help,

Briania, from international falls mn

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