Re: Introduction for a New Cushing's Horse Owner!

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Mona,

His numbers dropped because there was no food being processed and therefore the glucose and insulin would predictably be lower. This is not a normal situation for horses as they are not designed to be meal-fed, they are designed to be trickle feeders, with small amounts of food almost constantly being processed. The fasting protocols are left-over from human testing protocols because humans are a meal-fed species. The lower numbers are a false "lowering" of the values.

Do you have a case history for your boy? If so, would you please provide the link. If not, please fill one out on ECHistory8, our storage sister-site:

You'll need to join but that is quick.

What were the latest values? What were the the past numbers?

Also as k that you add your general location and year of joining when you post so we can answer your questions more fully.

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