Re: Hard swollen sheath

Sharon Manning

Labs back and ACTH is 46.2 pg/mL from Cornell. ;-(  He was first symptoms last winter of 2014, so newly PPID.
He was started on 1.5mg initially and did great... Total change in energy, sparkly eyes, swelling gone. However, it has been down hill ever sense July 2015. I have been increasing his dose and his ACTH keeps rising.
I have used his dose to 8mg Compounded Pergoide from Pet Health Pharmancy as of this AM.

I didn't get a response from my last post as to if doing something different with his mineral balancing might help so I did increase his Mag. 

Of course nothing will help if the ACTH stays high or continues to go up.

I am concerned about his CP increases that I have been doing as I don't want to over do it. The vet has no idea how high I have increased it so that will come as a surprise to her. I hope she will continue to raise it for him. ((This is my 3rd horse and I am not sure I can continue to afford the medication. One other horse I have is on 22mgs.))

I am a little taken back that a newly PPID horse is requiring so much CP. Is this expected or common, or is something else going on?







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