Re: Hard swollen sheath

Sharon Manning

Thanks for responding Nancy,
I had asked about c:p:m in a prior post in this string but got no response that I saw. My hay is very high in C because of red clover weed. Its really not good other, just full of weeds, than being low s/s. We finally found a good grower with clean consistent hay and I have that test uploaded also. Much better c:p and should start that hay mid winter.
I do include some of my sparse pasture in my calculations as I have not got all my post made yet for the rocky area. It has been slow go but got four more done this last week. My pasture has been tested three times a year and always very low s/s but high Fe. To balance Fe at 3 would put the c and z more than 4 times the NRC, if I include some pasture. Maybe I should have some one look at it for me. I can't remember if you helped me balance "way back when"... But I do remember Kathleen helping me. Not sure if she is still around.
Now that you mentioned the Fe:Cu:Z, this is the Frist time ever he has had a reddish tint to his black coat. I noticed that and checked my numbers but was a little squeamish about adding more.... I will sit with that today and rethink it. Sometimes when you do all we do here for our horses alone, and things change, we just need another person to help clear our heads and reminds us that we can do it.
 I am so thankful for my hubby who trims them all. They have beautiful, rock crushing feet. Kel can tell by a horses feet if they are in trouble. I can't tell you how many horses he has gotten owners to get the vet out and test for IR/PPID. Reading post here with all the farrier troubles.... My heart goes out.
My other PPID horses are doing fine. Blaze is the only one that is also has MS so I think that is the big difference and I guess you are right it is possible he was PPID before and I didn't recognize it until symptoms began getting the best of him. He has been compensated IR for many years thanks to diet balancing. Until the sheath thing all seemed well. 
I don't know why my CH link didn't work for you. I clicked on it and it took me right to it. ??? 

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