Re: Hard swollen sheath

Sharon Manning

OK then if there is no reason not to increase the Fe:Cu:Z to over 4X NRC that will be done today! I already increased his Mag., this weekend. Maybe I should pop into the running NRCplus course with my crazy hay numbers and see if I can regain some confidence. 
I have increased his CP to 8mg. 
I have a 3mg prescription and a 7mg prescription. I have diluted a 3mg into a syringe. I will watch for visual improvement. If not any I will increase to 9. That would be a 2mg jump. Then retest after a month or should I work all the way up to the 3mg. (making a total of 10mg). Then wait and retest. He has never shown any veil issues. OR, just jump it up by the total of 3mg. right now.
Sorry to be so seasoned and yet so full of questions and insecurities. My vet is totally in the dark but cooperative so I just feel so alone in this sometimes.
Being MS along with the IR/PPID I really want this under control “before” any laminitis …..BUT don’t want to over do it either. 

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