Re: WNV and vaccine schedules

lj friedman

very helpful UC Davis guidelines.. I will do WNV every 6 months for an older horse with immune compromised problems. I will not do rabies . though UC DAvis says to do it bec Dr. Kellon says that 50 out of 10 million horses got rabies, so very low risk.  I will give tetanus. yearly. I want to do eee/wee yearly just before the start of mosquto season but. jesse was vaxed for  eee/wee nov 2014 so, can anyone figure a plan where I can keep hiim protected and still vax april/may for mosquito season. Would it be safe to delay eee/wee to april of 2016? Would a eee/wee vax given on 11/4/14 offer protection until april 2016?  My BO mentions that in So. Cal we do have mosquitos from now thru march if there is rain, where much rain is forecasted.. any thoughts?  l friedman san diego 

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