Praziquantel Reaction

Sharon Manning

Hello group,

I wanted to report a issue/experience that I had with one of my PPID/IR horses after giving him a dewormer that had praziquantel in it, Just for FYI.

It is strongly recommend in my area to deworm for tapes, twice a year. Until I started doing that I would have colic’s at least twice a year. I have used the Ivermectin and praziquantel combo for many years without any problems, and have been very pleased.  In 2014 I had my compensated IR horse become PPID and his stable IR status went out the window. I have been increasing his medication up to 10mg, as of now and he seems stable….until I dewormed him with the combo dewormer a week ago. 

It was quite noticeable by the late afternoon that he was not feeling well. Attitude was dull, head low, and very stiff. His large fatty sheath swelled up like a ballon and it was obvious that his insulin was up. His slim stomach was bloated and he looked like he did before I started him on the Pergolide.

This lasted for three plus days and then he return to looking and behaving like himself. None of my other horses reacted in this way but none are IR.

I just wanted to share this experience in hopes that it helps others. My guy did not founder from this , knock on wood. Maybe he could be given this drug in the spring when his ACTH is naturally low but I think with this reaction he should not be given this drug ever again.

Therefore, yet another hurdle to jump….as tapes are a issue.

Now off to find a deworm program for him that includes tape worm protection for him.

I know that the feed though can be used for one month for tapes but that also has some cautions, however it may be the only treatment I can use for him.

I will also post on Dr. K’s deworming class.




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