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Thanks, Ian. I, for one, care very much why compounding pharmacies do what they do. Consistency of the compounded drug is central to my willingness to substitute a compounded drug for an FDA approved formulation. 

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I just got off the phone with Rich Gaffin, R.Ph. of Pet Health Pharmacy. Pet Health supplies compounded Pergolide Mesylate. As previously mentioned, compounding formulas are supplied for Pergolide Mesylate (not Pergolide USP or base). Rich guaranteed me that they dispense Pergolide Mesylate and that they do NOT dispense based on Pergolide base. He mentioned that since Prascend has come along they counsel their clients about the 1.305 Pergolide Mesylate to Pergolide base conversion to try to keep the same dose but they do not compound in Pergolide base doses. The net result is, that ThrivingPets and Pet Health (and most likely the majority of other compounding pharmacie as well) compound Pergolide Mesylate. BI makes Prascend in 1mg Pergolide base tablets (1.305mg of Pergolide Mesylate).

I have reached out to Donald Plumb of Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook to see if the dosing his publication provides for Pergolide Mesylate is for Pergolide base of Pergolide Mesylate and will get back to the group when I hear back.


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