Re: Vet explains Cushing's horse getting skinny


"Aging will not make IR go away. If the IR has been induced by uncontrolled Cushing's (PPID), then the IR will indeed go away when the PPID is under control."



Thanks for the details to back up your opening statement. The vet and the farm owner won't be open to the information, but as long as I'm clear on it, that is helpful.


I didn't understand this comment: "also, double-check the actual ACTH numbers. PPID horses do better if the ACTH is in the middle range, not at the upper end of normal. "


Is 23.4 pg/mL considered in the high range of normal when the range is 9-35? Are you suggesting another test? The last one is from a month ago.The vet said she thought it was a good number and said to keep the pergolide dosage at 1 mg daily.


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IR/Cushing's during seasonal rise

July 27, 2015


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