Re: Pergolide versus Pergolide Mesylate Dosing #pergolidestrength

Nancy C

Hi Cass

I may be splitting haris, but I am interested in what compounders are doing so I may compare.  What is in the final product I am receiving. I hope to learn what questions to ask to determine this.  We have heard from others that compounders are using higher levels of pergoide mesylate. It would be important to not lose that info in the discussion of why one compounder may have a business reason to perform in one way or another.

Again, just my opinion based on the needs of my horse.

Nancy C in NH

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Thanks, Ian. I, for one, care very much why compounding pharmacies do what they do. Consistency of the compounded drug is central to my willingness to substitute a compounded drug for an FDA approved formulation. 

Cass for Satra
Sonoma County, Calif. Oct. '12

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