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Nancy C

Hi lj

Yes, I see you've been looking for answer for this in several places. Here's my opinion based on my own experiences and what I believe I have learned from Dr Kellon, my own clients and members here.

While it is trendy, most horses don't meed probiotics.  If you feed them a forage based, well balanced diet, their gut will work as it is supposed too.  Some times age, illness, sudden changes in foods and forages, etc., will require you to give them some help.

We'll often see members using this to build back weight or muscle in the PPID or IR horse but it is usually other issues that need addressing, such as better control with pergolide or diet, or teeth or dewormer, etc.

So unless you have other symptoms you are worried about, I'd put even the 24¢ a day elsewhere for now.

Hope you find this answer helpful.

Nancy C in NH
February 2003
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