Re: getting a mini to eat Prascend.

Sharon Manning

You can get natural peanut butter with just peanuts and salt. No other ingredients at any store these days. I wouldn't think a finger of peanut butter would hurt if diet and pergolide dose is correct.
I am syringe ing my horse meds in right now and works beautifully with a little stevia (herbal sweetener that doesn't raise blood sugar)
However I am going to give the peanut butter a try as it does take a little time to fix the syringes and keeps me from allowing someone else to give the meds and keeps me tied and not able to go anywhere over night. For years now.
They would be ok for a day or so without there balanced minerals but not there pergolide.
As a side note my experience with pergolide dose has been the extreme pickiness goes away when the dose brings the acth down and they feel better.

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