Re: REPOST: need advice on when to test Frisky

Sharon Manning

"Some members use a sliding dose of pergolide to help keep the ACTH lower during seasonal rise, especially for those horses who have had foot issues in the past. "

What does this mean? First time I read this. Or first time it stuck in my too stressed brain....
If I am guessing right that is what I have been doing. I.e., gradually increasing CP during seasonal rise, with and without blood work till cessation of physical symptoms.
This has worked out but cost of CP and vet has been stressful and not very smart finically for me long term. How do you deal with the constantly changing prescriptions? I have been just combining and separating higher and lower caps to get the increasing dosages in increments. Like I said the cost of doing this is crazy. If I called my vet with every change it would not work out very well. I am sure she would drop me or at least stop doing what I asked. With the CP needing to be purchased monthly and kept in frig you can't exactly stock pile different dosages. At least I haven't been able to figure that out.
So.... Just wondering if I got the meaning of the above quote right.

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