Re: Cabergoline instead of pergolide

Tina Martin

I read the study and am very interested in trying cabergoline to see if it does a better job controlling Rio's ACTH.  He has been on large dosages of compounded pergolide for years and his ACTH has never been controlled.  I have been giving 36mg pergolide in the morning and another 5mg at night for a few months now.  Just had his blood work done Tuesday but no results from my vet yet.  I dropped his dosage to only(!) 36mg in the AM after the blood was taken though because he is doing well now and I'm hoping the seasonal rise is over for him.

I'm unsure how to go about trying the cabergoline.  Can it be compounded?  If not it will also be very expensive (around $50 for 4 tablets of 0.5mg per online search).  The study administered 5mg in a slow-release vehicle (not sure what that means) intramuscular and it lasted up to 10 days.  How much should I give to Rio and how often?  And should I still give pergolide, and if yes at what dose?

Also, I don't mind the cost of frequent bloodwork but run into logistical problems since I now live in a rural area with my vet traveling around 40 miles to see me.

I would love to give this a try but would need some help since my vet isn't very familiar with this disease and treatment.

Dr. Kellon, please let me know if it is possible to have a private consultation with you regarding a possible trial of cabergoline.  Or please just let me know what your thoughts are.  Rio's ACTH may not be controlled but he seems to feel well and is sound enough to be ridden regularly for several hours on rough mountainous terrain. So maybe "leave well enough alone"? :)  


Tina & Rio
Georgia, May 2011
(there is a case history somewhere)

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