Could Busy's Thryroid cause his ACTH increase?


Hi Dr. Kellon and Moderators,

I have checked the files for anything about the role the thyroid plays in IR/PPID and have not been successful. 
We have been increasing Busy's pergolide  by .5 mg. from 2 to 3 mg. but his ACTH numbers keep going up.

 In August his ACTH was 8.9 pmol/L, Insulin 45.5 ulU/ml and his glucose was 6.1 on a glucometer.   We upped his pergolide from 2 mg. to 2.5 mg. In October we retested his ACTH was 9.2 pmol/L Insulin 46 ulU/ml and his glucose was 6.2 on the glucometer.  So we upped the pergolide to 3 mg. and retested on November 30th  and the results just came back for his ACTH at 14.4 pmol/L but his glucose was 5.8 on the glucometer.  My vet didn't test his insulin this time as she was sure that she would see the ACTH go down.  She doesn't want to up the pergolide anymore as she thinks something else is influencing these numbers.  

I have been wondering if maybe his thyroid is playing a role in this escalation of numbers.  I know that the seasonal rise is as it was 14 C today December 23 which is unheard of !!!! 

My vet wants to wait now for 60 days to decide what to do next.  Busy looks great, great appetite, it is just the numbers that are freaking us out.

Any suggestions.  Both my vet and I are a bit confused.


Sue and Busy

Kingston, ON

October 2010

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