Re: New Leptin test over the moon!

Sharon Manning

Blaze has ataxia in all four limbs.
No exercise. It's too dangerous.
The only change I have made is adding the stubl 1 so I will stop that today.
I having been spending some time searching previous post about thyroid supplementation to make him hyperthyroid to cause weight loss but find nothing that suggest that's a good idea.
I have also been looking for info on metiformin to see if it helps with weight loss and would be recognized as a good short term alternative but info is in reference to horses that have laminitis or founder.
I am also considering a miss handling of the blood. As vet tested all my horses by misunderstood that I just wanted blaze tested and the have all come back PPID and IR in the high risk range per the calculator! I am wondering about the handling.
Anyway guess I just need to stay the course and pray
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