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Hi, I am Teah from NE Oh and my mare, Kellie, is a perch/haf cross, who is 9 years old and just in the past few months, has been diagnosed as having cushings by our vet. Her main symptoms were excessive thirst and urination. She was not ever foundered nor experienced any laminitus (knock on wood). She had a cresty neck and was well padded tho not obese, but all my vets over the past 5 years of owning her, have said that is her nature due to the breeds. AND they all said the same thing...she doesnt LOOK like a IR/Cushings horse and also she was too young to have cushings.

My vet now did a 2 day test and it came back cushings. We put her on a low starch low sugar feed by sentinel and took her off all sugar treats. We added pergoglide and at 1/2 a pill a day, she is doing excellent! No more 4 buckets of water in the day and 4 at night. No more flooded stalls. Her neck is going down, as well as the padding at the tail base, and above her eyes. Her personality has changed as well...more alert, less cranky, and definitely she is moving better. She was barely picking up her legs, often knocking into the wood poles we would trot over for practice. (we are just trail riders, backyard players)

At the time of her diagnosis I broke one of my toes so I couldnt walk. It gave her some time to get acclimated to the meds and change in diet. As I got better, I would lunge her. On Christmas day I rode her for the first time since her diagnosis. WOW! I have missed my mare and cannot wait for this spring to come so we can go back into the woods! Until then, we will be building up our muscle tones again (me AND her).

Throughout this, we have gotten SO close! I cannot believe it! We always had a wonderful connection but  now this mare believes in me. She knew (forgive the anthropomorphizing) I was doing everything I could to help her feel better.

I would like to know if there are any meds or wormers I should keep away from her. And I have heard such conflicting ideas about alfalfa cubes, wetting them down and giving them to her. She has 1st cut hay and is on a dry lot mostly. When she will go out on a regular lot she will wear a muzzle. But now I see how muzzles can hurt the face! What do you do to prevent that? What works?

Also, have you experienced any horses with Cushings who also develop or developed ulcers?

Thank you in advance...any advice or greetings welcomed!


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