Re: New Leptin test over the moon!

Sharon Manning

I had ask about increasing his Mg a while back in another string concerning my high Ca hay (full of red clover), which if I got a answer I missed it. So, Second guessing myself I ask one of the Balancers off list to look at this hay. She didn’t think adding Mg was needed. And again mentioned his deterioration in a string about his large swollen sheath, wondering if there would be any comments on something I should do or stop doing. (other than excerise)  This last blood work is this string. Yes I know what the ratios are in the hay, I have always had my hay tested sense 2008. I have been trying to get to the bottom of this and tighten things up..somewhere.
Some improvements by visuals only. (sheath swelling and ademia is better) But his sheath is still very large and full of hard lumps/knots.
He has never had any foot issues, so it is not a improvement, per say. I just worry about that happening and want to prevent it.
I was talking about his attitude being fine….acting like he feels fine…even tho it is clear by his blood work he is not.
So is my attitude adjustment should simply be, don’t worry about the numbers as long as he feels fine and feet are fine? That would be a tremendous relief!!!! There certainly are others things that need to be done with the money that I spent/spend on blood work. 
I have added Mg as of yesterday after Dr. K’s post. Lets see if that helps down the road.
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