Horse got into grain


I did do a search on this already, but didn't find much.

My gelding got out of his stall in the night and got into the pony's Sentinel Senior (probably ate a couple pounds of that) and also into another of the horse's Blue Seal MinAVite Lite (probably ate another couple pounds of that).

Is there anything I can do to be proactive about this?  He's severely IR, and Cushing's too.  He's only just been started on Prascend a few days ago (and I didn't get it into him this morning because he was NOT interested in his beet pulp and flax seed after all the other stuff). 

He's not sound already, so I'm awfully scared about what this is going to do to him.  He has been mostly staying in his stall, but we got a fair bit of snow a couple days ago, so I put him out in it this morning thinking it will keep the heat down in his hooves.

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