Re: I don't know what else to do

Sally Hugg

Hi Coral -

I'm very sorry that you are having so much trouble keeping Po comfortable with his feet. I know from experience how frustrating that is.

You wrote "But here's what I don't understand - how can farriers and trimmers take a horse with severe founder and in a couple trims have the horse at the least moving well and the most running and bucking around? "

I am a professional trimmer, and it is rare that I can trim a severe founder/laminitis case and have it moving well enough to even trot in 2 trims without a lot of support for the feet as well as tight diet control. Many times I can accomplish this with padded boots, but quite often I need to experiment with several different types of boots and find just the right pads to cushion and support the foot. I might need to use casts, glue on shoes or a combination of both. Bottom line is that I am often experimenting to find what will work for the individual horse at that moment in time and must be ready to change course and try something different as the feet change. One non IR founder case that I successfully rehabbed took over a year before he could even be comfortable in padded boots. He went through 3 complete hoof growth cycles before his feet returned to normal and I needed to shoe him for 9 months in Epona shoes to get him there. Frustrating? You bet, but I just kept looking for answers and trying different approaches to supporting his feet. Easycare has some great new pads in the Cloud boots that I really like and might be worth looking at.

I looked at your case history file. Are you still feeding the bermuda hay that you tested last April? At 6.7% starch that may be too high for Po. It is my understanding that soaking won't help much with reducing starch, so that might be an area to look at. 

Bottom line - don't get discouraged!

Sally Hugg
N. California

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