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you live in tx? correct. maybe I can help you find someone that does the ozone on your horse it takes out the  inflammation in his hooves and in the rest of the body.. I don't think that anyone in the group knows much about it.  but I have studied it and have talked to vets that do it and has seen the results first hand. amazing.. its what you can call new cutting edge. look up princess file. I will be posting new photos this week end on her hoofs I have been giving it to her steady for 2 weeks every other day and starting this weekend she will get it everyday.. it stops abscess from forming and helps heal at rate its hard to explain.. example. princess had a sore that she had for months and months and I could not get it to heal it was from her laying down. now in 2 weeks its healed. not just scabbed over its healed with her skin. the hair has not grown back but you can see its starting. I know a person that does the ozone in tx he should be able to help.. you can call me if you want to if you have any questions.. it does really work.. the vet that does do this said it will help her get her ir in check better and make her body work like it should but I would have to still watch her diet and treat her as a ir horse but she should not be so sensitive to sugar like she is now.. 
time will tell.. read up on it. Judith shoemaker with always helpful veterinary.. she only touches on isome of the subjects..
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>>The recommendation is to soak the hay for 1 hour in cold water or 30 minutes in hot water.  I wonder if the hay may be reabsorbing sugar from its "bath" water.

>>I ask other Members to weigh in on the hay soaking time recommendations.

I thought that the soaking time needed to be reduced,too,Kathy.

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