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Nancy C

Hi Coral

Want to support Sally's comments. I looked over your CH.  Would love clarity on which hay you are feeding and what the ESC and Starch is.  As stated by others, you cannot soak out starch.  You stated that as of July you were on  fully balanced tested hay, less than 10% starch.

I haven't followed Po on ECHoof lately but recall the summer discussions about tightening the trim.  This can take time as you know.

When I first started on this journey, a "founder specialist" pulled shoes and trimmed Beau after  rotation in January 2003 or so. This was back in the day when you were supposed to keep them on Bute and in the stall for months on end.  I shudder to remember just how long we did this.  Just from shoe removal and that trim, Beau was bucking in place in the stall from the relief.  Should he have been?  Probably not. He certainly was not cured of the rotation.

When I subsequently started working with Dr Bowker on the trim and foot rehab, we made sure there was no running around.  None. He was outside but in an area where he could not get a full head of steam.  His rotation compared to some we see was not extreme. We had a tight trim, but a capsule with good connection was not grown out yet, and he could easily have hurt himself.  Do you need that level of caution?  Maybe not, but I have learned in subsequent years that they can easily overdo before they are ready and set themselves back, especially if the trim is not well balanced. 

It appears you were seeing "rotation" based on hoof capsule angles in November. This rotation could build up to the soreness you saw in December. His running around after the chiro appt on feet not yet tightly in the capsule could contribute. These guys need tight trims and good growth to become stable and to get over being sore. They can be set back easily by any combination of a diet that is not tight, seasonal rise or other Dx issues, poor hoof form, and movement beyond what they are ready for.

Probably not what you want to hear. I know. It's hard work.  Hang in there and above all give Po a hug.

Nancy C in NH
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He went through 3 complete hoof growth cycles before his feet returned to normal and I needed to shoe him for 9 months

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