Re: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Laminitis

Lorna Cane

Hi Julia,

>>>I shall try and provide one of the case studies you request today, but am unfortunately really struggling with this emotionally as I feel I am letting Jazz down, and am struggling to pull myself together atm.

Many of us here know exactly what you are struggling with,and we're here to help.
And you are here, so you are definitely NOT letting Jazz down.

I just wanted to underline the importance of Maggie's suggestion to get a case history up for Jazz,even in the midst of your struggles.
It is the best way to get the details in front of the people who can help .We are great supporters of the fact that the devil is in the details.
Working on the case history will also shut off the nagging,blaming,destructive ranting of the brain,while it focuses on getting the case history filled out.

You may even find as you fill out the details that something you hadn't noticed before jumps out at you,and could be part of the puzzle.

Another way to help the volunteers help you is to sign your posts with your name (Thanks for that),your location,and your joining date.When you get the case history done,add its link to your signature,so that volunteers don't have to look for it.

I've deleted the old messages so that people reading Digest format don't have to scroll through all the old stuff to get to something new.

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