Re: Need some help with my mare

tara sullivan

Hi Dr. Kellon.  I didn't mean to suggest that Dr. G disregarded the SAA result.  I was totally disheartened and just want everything to corroborate a progression to health.  She felt that it is an indication that we are keeping a lid on the infection-afterall, we started with 2200+.  I think she was trying to keep my spirits up.

I posted Divina's latest cbc and chemistry.  She is holding her own.  Rbcs rising but so is GGT.  Glad to see glucose not over the top.  Temp still undulating.  It rose to 102.6 last night and same this morning.  Legs a little filled.  Eating and drinking ok.  Mare just seemed to have a headache?  No headpressing against the stall....just on me for a good while.  So I gave her 3cc banamine.  Temp started to drop in 10 minutes and her whole countenance perked up.

Finally got some feedback from the internist.  Spleen is normal but small intestine is distended.  Recommends a rectal/ultrasound.  That might happen today.

Tara and Divina

NY 2015


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