Re: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Laminitis


Hi Julia,

I totally agree with Lorna on the importance of getting your case history done on Jazz.  One reason is that knowing exactly what you are feeding her can help us to help you evaluate all the feed sources.  SO MANY bagged feeds that are advertised as save for IR horses are definitely not!  Most are too high in sugar, starch, fat, iron--all things that can worsen IR.  

So, get your CH up!  And go out there and take some pictures of Jazz's feet!  Follow the instructions in the link I gave you.  Our hoof guru can do markups for you on the photos to help guide you with your trim.  Meanwhile, once you join ECH8, go the photos section and look at other albums and study the mark ups in those.  Lavinia has done many, many markups and you can see the success people have had following the guidelines.  You can at least get an idea of what an optimal trim should look like, and compare that to what Jazz's feet look like.  These things will give you something to do and concentrate on.  Many on this list have had to find new vets and/or farriers, or have started trimming their own horses when they couldn't find anyone to do it the way they wanted/needed.

The DDT/E works!  But it doesn't happen overnight, though the emergency diet can turn some horses around pretty quickly.  Some horses take longer than others or need tighter control of their diet.  They all have different levels of insulin resistance, so what your IR pony may tolerate may be too much for Jazz.  We want to help you help Jazz and we are here to support you.  Like Lorna said, many of us know exactly what you are struggling with!  I found this group after years of struggling with laminitis/founder in my pony.  But not one episode since I found this group and put the DDT/E's into practice.

 I totally empathize with the mud situation--it's like that here too!  Hang in there!  We know it's not easy.  The collective tears that the people in this group have shed over their horses could probably flood an ocean.

Maggie, Chancey and Spiral in VA
March 2011
EC moderator/Primary Response 

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