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Nancy C

Hi Kathy

It was in the other email but happy to say again, Iron and Mn went down but not enough to say it was anything important.

That my starch actually went up may be an anomaly but certainly is in line with what we've known before -- that starch can't be soaked out.

If it has been established that sugar may go back into the hay with prolonged soaking, I need to see that info again. In my opinion, based on my 2012-2013 year of soaking, even if it DID go back in, the end result of sugar lowered by some 2/3's was enough for my wickedly sensitive guy. The process I developed kept me sane and him safe while soaking in -20 F temps.

I would advise Coral, as you have, that the starch cannot be soaked out,  and that 2.9 may be too high for Po.

This next bit may be too far in the weeds.  We know starch is digested to all glucose. ESC to 50% glucose. IF we follow the starch = 2xs glucose of esc rule, her current hay unsoaked would be 11.7%, right? (5.9+2.9+2.9 = 11.7)

Even if the ESC was cut in 2/3s like mine, she's still at almost 8% with the level of starch he is eating.  At 50% reduction in ESC she starts to climb closer to the 10% cut off. Less than a 50% reduction in ESC with soaking and she gets  over 10%
Analyzing a sample soaked in the  manner which you prepare the  hay, would be the quickest way to answer  questions on what you are actually feeding. Could just do a wet chem on starch and esc alone to start.  IME it is money well spent.

In this case I'd test the soaked hay, if okay on ESC and Starch, balance to the test. Would get more eyes on my trim. Would try to keep him from having any exceptional movement in the pasture or otherwise, until I was sure about the hoof capsule and solid growth.

I know you know this Kathy, and I know I am a broken record, but for folks following along, may I say again, when one gets stuck in place you have to go back to DDT+E, review and check all the boxes.  In the past when we've believed the DD's were tightly in place, it is usually the foot (trim) that needs the most attention to get the horse comfortable. 

More than you wanted to hear perhaps.....Thanks for listening.

Nancy C in NH
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February 2003

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What would you advise an owner (Coral) who had a difficult time sourcing hay and finally found a hay with ESC 5.9% and Starch 2.9%?  My concern was that there might be too much starch in this hay for an IR horse (Po) and that it might need soaking based on symptoms when feeding it.  If she is soaking it for 12 hours, might she not be increasing starch while decreasing sugar based on your results?

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