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Kathy/Sally (and everyone else who responded),

Thank you all for responding and, I apologize- I thought I had the latest hay analysis in my case history but I didn't see it, so I just uploaded it. As Kathy said, starch is 2.9%. When I said I was soaking for so long to decrease the sugars AND starches, I misspoke. I remember from the conference and my mineral balancing with Kathy that starch doesn't decrease with soaking. And, it was extremely difficult to find the hay that I found. Here where I live, everyone is concerned about protein % and couldn't give a flip about sugars or starches so hay sellers kind of looked at my like I was nuts when I wanted to test their hay BEFORE buying. 

I will try soaking for less time to see if that helps. I will try testing the soaked hay to see what results I get. Unfortunately I'm going to need to start the search for more hay soon to get a new year's supply. :(

I didn't know that about the trimming: keeping them from not moving too much. I thought movement was GOOD. I took hoof pics the last time I trimmed but because of technological difficulties I haven't uploaded them yet. I will try to get to that. 

I have pretty much decided I'm going to turn over Po's trims to the certified barefoot trimmer, and just do maintenance trims in between. I don't know anything about Epona shoes or how to put on any composite shoes. He recommended a different style of boots and I'm going to get those for Po. 

I'm very frustrated because it seems like it's always one set-back after another with Po. And he just isn't getting better. His feet are generally better than they were when I first started trimming him, but it's incredibly frustrating to many spend hundreds of dollars a month on a horse that isn't showing any definite benefit from it.

Coral & Po
Sept 2013
Corpus Christi, TX

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Hi Coral,

Are you currently feeding Henry's First Cut hay?  If so, the ESC is 5.9% and the Starch is 2.9%.

The recommendation is to soak the hay for 1 hour in cold water or 30 minutes in hot water.  I wonder if the hay may be reabsorbing sugar from its "bath" water.


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