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Sally Hugg

Hi Coral -

I just looked at your photos on EC Hoof - nice job with the pictures :). 

For an owner trying to trim a case like this you have done a pretty good job, so take heart in that. There are some things that can be improved in the trim. Your trimmer should be able to recognize those areas and show you what to do. While Po's feet have good concavity, his soles appear to be very thin and there are sole ridges at the toe. In cases with thin soles I don't trim those ridges. Very thin soled horses often can't handle much pressure on their soles and it's possible that even the nice deep sand environment you have provided Po may be too much for his feet right now. That is where some experimenting with foot wear comes in handy. Most trimmers carry a variety of boots/pads and assorted footwear in their trucks to try out, so you shouldn't have to spend hundreds of $$ trying things that may or may not work.

I think with better boots and padding that you will make Po a lot more comfortable. Hang in there!

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Kathy/Sally (and everyone else who responded),

I have pretty much decided I'm going to turn over Po's trims to the certified barefoot trimmer, and just do maintenance trims in between. I don't know anything about Epona shoes or how to put on any composite shoes. He recommended a different style of boots and I'm going to get those for Po. 

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