New case report: Annie

Candace Costis

Well, I'm new to the business of Cushings and Laiminitis. I thought I knew something but, no. I am trying to find my way out of the wilderness. Bit of history and current status. 

Saw my Morgan mare, 17 years old or so, had Cushings symptoms. After this Spring she did not lose her winter fur which was longer than usual. Her neck was a bit cresty. I wanted to get her back into riding/training but her back was out because she caught her hip a couple of times but I didn't and then got distracted by a severe and rare eye infection in another mare (ocular herpes virus: the solution was easy after hundreds spent on a misdiagnosis of fungal which has a similar presentation). Annie was on jiaogolan. This initially helped her bad feet and she was perkier but then it did not - the why I subsequently read about here. And, she has a special liking for a false daisy which is taking over our fields and always causes her trouble.* So, as I was finishing up with the other healing, Annie got laminitis and I panicked and discovered that this is a very complicated and controversial issue.

Presently: A week or so later. Crest no longer rock hard and is flexible. General whole body swelling nearly gone. She looks great. Her hooves are still very sore. She has been able to stand on three feet for hoof work since the beginning but finds walking painful.

Treatment: Tumeric and specifically Golden Paste which is a special cooked blend of tumeric, water, coconut oil and fresh ground pepper devised by a small animal vet for inflammation. 

NCD2 by Waiora for detox of liver and kidneys.

and other various and sundry things - flax, vit E, C when I remember

Feet: daily cleaning with baking soda and trimming.

She is in a small paddock and receiving Triple Crown Lite, small treats of fresh alfalfa which she is accustomed to and coastal bermuda hay which is organic and home grown but not tested.

Vet pushes me hard to administer Bute and Pergolide. I did give her 4 days of Bute 2 grams 2 x a day but no Pergolide (fear of it). Vet fussed that I needed to get metabolic under control to affect feet. He said I could reduce the amount which might have been 2 once a day. Annie is very sensitive and can not tolerate, say, vaccinations. One tablet of Pergolide made her look very sick. Remember she looks and acts great now except for sore feet - she is standing but moving carefully. After a day or two I am going to try 1/2 a pill once a day. Vet does not see the need for testing. When I feel Annie can travel I will take her to another vet for testing.

Questions: what about chaste berry? A friend has used it with success. 

What is the styrofoam people keep mentioning for cushioning the feet. I am finding that boots (expensive, my medical allocation is exhausted) have to be sized and wonder about using diapers temporarily. I heard somewhere that some people use these in a pinch. Right now Annie is standing in soft spots in her small bare paddock.

Future: want to order chaste berry, buy some shoes or something (maybe diapers today until I figure out shoe sizing procedures, etc). Order bee pollen which intuition says would be beneficial. Continue to monitor the Pergolide to see if she can tolerate it at any dosage. Continue the Golden Paste, NCD2, keep trimming back the front of her hooves which are growing at astonishing rates, sessions of cranial sacral work as specifically advised by April Battles who also advised the NCD2.

And, I can't figure out ow to send a photo.

So, I'm in. I welcome advice and comments. 


* I have been trying to get the horses off of those fields with the false daisy and keep Annie away from it, especially, but as stated was distracted. We've also been trying to find a way of eliminating this weed.

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