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tara sullivan

Hi Dr. Kellon.  Had another very interesting day with Dr. G.  She performed a rectal ultra sound and while most everything felt and looked "normal"....she was quite surprised to actually feel the spleen.  She was telling me as she was reaching in there....the right ovary...good.  Backed up a little and went left...left ovary..good. What? There is that spleen again!  She said she has never felt the spleen rectally in any other should be too far away??  It looks normal on the ultra sound just as it did back on 12/24....but she also commented then that the spleen seemed to be was back by her flank (where she expected, but she was surprised to see it further to the front (ventral?) 
So we started discussing displacement...Her heart rate could suggest a mild chronic colic situation, but for all this time??...the fevers are weird in the fact 2.5cc of banamine drop it like a rock.  But where does the infection come in?? necrosis?? is at least one kernel of relief...we did an dropped to 371!  And I would say that her perfusion looks better.  I wish that HR would come down now, too.

The internist will definitely be here this week. 

Earlier in our discussions on this board...this was your comment from 1st blood work.

 "On the chemistry screen, the low albumin is probably a response to the high globulin. Even with reduced albumin production the total protein is still on the high side.  The high potassium is likely coming from muscle and causing the slight reduction in sodium.  The high CK either indicates muscle is a site of inflammation (e.g. Strep myositis) or could be a red herring from a recent hard bump/fall or kick, even prolonged lying down."

I am wondering if this is consistent with the suggestion of DIC??  And also am also wondering if her situation is aggravated by an inappropriate herd mate.  I have 3 horses and it is very difficult to single one out or pair 2 off-you know what I mean.  But, I think my young gelding is now somewhat of a stress to her....he is too playful.  I need to develop this more (makes a pretty good argument to get another horse...Oh Dear Husband!)...but in the mean time I am making an effort to keep them separated and happy.

Also would like to know more about some members experience with a loopiness, trans like, sleepy kinda, behavior in their horses after giving pergolide??
This has been happening also.

Sorry for the quick random update...

Tara and Divina

NY 2015


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