Re: Need some help with my mare

tara sullivan

Hi Candace,  I totally appreciate and always try to implement an integrative approach-most definitely  to preserve health.   And I am very happy that you are still enjoying the company of your doggy (and a BIG doggy!).  I surely wish that all my mare had was a FUO.

 But, I truly believe that for this crisis she has totally benefited from the use of modern pharmaceuticals...and that no homeopathic remedy, herb or other complimentary therapy (and I believe in all of these modalities!) could have pulled her thru the acute phase of infection.  I still have a sick horse. Just not one with an out of control infection.
There is alot we still don't know....and I can't express how frustrating this is...and the testing, I feel, is necessary.  She has a serious anemia...of unknown origin.  The biggest culprits for this condition, as I understand it, are: cancer, secondary condition to infection, and drug induced.  I need to know if the pergolide is involved in her sickness. 
And, yes, finding an alternative practitioner is quite challenging...but they are "out there"

Tara and Divina
NY 2015

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