Re: serious weight loss


Hi, is it Mary?

Do you have a case history on your Dutch warmblood?  How was he diagnosed as IR?  At the age of 16, he could also have PPID.  Recommend you do ACTH, insulin, glucose and leptin on him.  Should be drawn on a NON-fasting horse and sent to Cornell if you are in the USA.  More information on our website: 

Sorry, but without more information, we have more questions than answers.  Go here and join ECHistory8 to fill out a case history on your boy:  You need to join, but it shouldn't take long to get approved.  The instructions for filling out a CH are on the main page, and also in the files on the main ECIR group here: 

Let us know when you have your CH done!  Please sign your name, date of joining, and general location each time you post.  Thanks!

Maggie, Chancey and Spiral in VA
March 2011
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