Re: Need some help-COLD AGG TEST

tara sullivan

Hi Dr. Kellon.  Dr. G will be out of town for the next several days.  And she has left me with half of the inventory on her truck....just in case.  But, she set me up with tubes for lab work.  And gave me the green light to figure out what test we need and where to send it. 

May I ask your help with this??  Dr. G was not able to find this test at Idexx or one was familiar with what she requested.  Any and all guidance is greatly appreciated! 

Just cold agg.  classified as intra vascular??  Am I correct in that the urine could tell us if  the anemia is intra or extra vascular??

BTW   In anticipation of pulling blood for this test today...I took the boots off of Divina when I turned her out this morning.  Her 6am temp was 100.6-very good.  It stayed that way all day until 2pm-101.3.  I put the boots back on and at 5pm her temp was 100.9.  This is really unusual because I have been taking her temp for 2 months now.  And it has never dropped down in the evening after rising in the afternoon. 
Could it be the magic boots?????

Also want to shout out to Jaini...Thanks for havin my back! 

With much gratitude to this group- The support I receive here has been a life line.

Tara and Divina
NY 2015

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