Re: Need some help with my mare

tara sullivan

Hi Dr. Kellon.  Dr. A (the internist) has suspicions of bebesia. We have documented human cases in this area.  She has asked me to poke around and talk to Doctors/Health Care Professionals about what they are seeing.  We had a very unusual and mild fall and I was picking ticks off the horses up and until  Christmas!  As a matter of fact I just pulled one off my gelding this past Sunday.

And this is a very big concern I have for my mare....out of control acth will only impede a progression to health. 

I want to put her back on the pergolide, but I have to wait for Dr. G to get back-it wouldn't be right, otherwise.

Tara and Divina
NY 2015 some point I will update her CH...will need lots of coffee!

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