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Hi Val:

I have a Friesian import who turns orange every spring.  He is now 19 years old and has been Cushings since he was 7 and high risk IR since he was 9.   He is on a balanced diet  (ODTB cubes with the appropriate supplements as prescribed by Dr. Kellon).  I check ACTH 4 to 5 times a years and a complete panel 1x per year. The complete panel shows everything within range.   Typically after I clip his winter coat he turns black again, turns brownish in the fall when he gets his winter undercoat and orange in spring.   I used to buy all sorts of supplements that say that it will turn their coat black but no avail.  Stopped wasting my money when I switched to ODTB.  I just accept it.  As an aside, when we were showing him I noticed he was not the only Friesian that turned orange in the spring. 

I know this is no help but I just wanted you to know that others have the same experience. 

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I have a PPID Friesian gelding.  Recently, he has begun to bleach..........
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