Re: Feeding multiple horse in dry lot or paddock paradise together

Mandy Woods

Hi Deborah,
Yes,  you will need to know how much to serve each horse  a day.  You will also need to feed more meals per day.   I have the same situation here ~ 3 ponies that are IR/one is PPID.   Its just easier to feed them in their stalls before turn out.   I also rotate a dry lot with a ‘track’.   When they are on the track they wear muzzles sealed shut because there is grass on it.
One thing to consider is a trial with the  a new horse.   What if they don’t get along?   What if one is a bully and chases the weaker one away from food?   You could feed one on the track and feed the other one in the ‘’ring’’ inside the track.  I use the ring for one and the track for the other.   The 3rd pony gets the drylot.   I am constantly rotating!
Here is one solution that you might be able to do at a boarding facility.   Ask  the owner if you can make a track inside the drylot using step in electric posts.   You could have one or two strands of rope or tape with a gate latch.   You could use a  reasonable priced solar charger.   Get a roll of coated wire to bury in the ground  to the track.   You  could build this in a few hours and it wouldn’t cost much.
One way to monitor your mare’s hay servings is to use polyhaynets.   Divide  the hay by the feedings you decide to do each day. Lay a stall mat to serve on or build a hay tree.  
When it comes to feeding I make sure my ponies are seperated.    Don’t forget buckets of water and shade/wind break.   You could design a hay tree that is a wind break,  has a roof and  eyebolts to hold the hay net,  water  bucket and feed bucket!
Hope this gets you thinking of possiblities.   It CAN be done!
Mandy in VA

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