Re: Need some help with my mare

tara sullivan

Well....the magic boots have lost their mojo?!?  Divina's temp creeped up to 102ish for 24 hrs. then rose to 103+ last night.  I did an SAA...and assuming I did the test right....the reader displayed 150.  So I gave her 1g bute to mediate the fever.  While, Dr. G is out of town we pulled the catheter and are giving her a break from the antibiotics. 

Things have been fairly uneventful on the Divina front, this week.  But, one thing does stick out...her appetite!  She is reliably eating and cleaning up her bucket meals. I have been slowly working in all of her supplements and adding bp.  Just a Mother's intuition, but I do feel that this is pergolide related-There is a strong association in my mind of her fussiness and starting her on it.  I am not really sure how to deal with this when I start her back on it.....titrate up super slow I guess is the only reasonable solution??  and APF.

Thank you, Jaini, for the blip about bebesiosis and dogs-It just got me thinking.  Had a short conversation with a small animal vet tech friend....and canine babesiosis is definitely here.  Going to explore this more and talk with my small animal vet next week.

Also will be reconvening with Dr. G and Dr. A...about what we do next.

Tara and Divina
NY 2015

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