lj friedman

Poor Jesse has EOTRH.  My research says Warmbloods are more likely to get this,,Jesse is a warmblood, a horse on pellets is more likely to get it, Jesse eats tim pellets and that ppid horses are also more likely to get it as well. Good thing I use a vet who specializes in teeth.  Poor horse. It is supposed to be painful and Jesse is stoic.. For the past 2 weeks he has been sticking his tongue out while riding , so I suspected something was wrong.. . On a brighter note, the vet didn't recognize Jesse as he was the vet to prescribe pergolide last year and hadn;t seen him since and this group did transform him to looking great ..I had 2 other vets look in his mouth between that time, but they didn't see any problems..I had xrays done today  and this seems to be classic EORTH,,  an adscess on x ray and a pustule on the gums,  ..lj friedman san diego nov 2014.

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