Kathy Brinkerhoff

EOTRH. was discussed in a recent double issue of Dr. Kellon's The Horse's Mouth, 10/20/15 in a very informative and detailed article on teeth.

Just want to take a sec to mention what an incredible source of information this  e-mag has been to me over the past four + years.  The magazine has its own Board so that subscribers can post questions to Dr. Kellon and there is the opportunity to request topics for future articles.  I recently requested an article on Levamisole and not  only did I receive excellent information on the history of Levamisole and its uses, I had the opportunity to ask follow up questions and got the answers I needed on the THM Board.

Dr. Kellon, Thank you for this publication. :-)

I apologize if I went a bit off topic.

Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI  01/08

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