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Nancy C

Hi Sue

I’ve been following your case because as you may remember, I’ve gone through a time with osteomyelitis.  It is not as severe as Princess. I have however, been present at barns where horses have been as bad as Princess.

It is a really stressful time. Thanks for putting up more photos. You’ve brought the group a description of miraculous turn around and because the group is founded on asking for details, we hope you will be able to please help us with follow up questions going forward.

I am struck in the most recent rads that  her CB is far more upright than in the September.  That  will continue to add more bone loss, IME an can lead to  her going over at the knee from contraction. I notice she is lifting her RF in the photos. If she were here I’d want to know how the team might be addressing that.

You mention she is eating better.  Has she gained any weight? Can’t tell from the blanket.

In reading this clinical review on Ozone, from 2011 I can see how external use might, perhaps, be good for  osteomyelitis.

The disadvantages of internal use described in the above study would give me pause. A thrombosed vein would concern me especially since it sounds like it has happened before with this procedure.  I may not be understanding you correctly.

I would also be concerned about the increased proliferation Dr Kellon mentioned. I would encourage you to use the procedures Dr Kellon suggested for determining her infection status.  As you have heard you cannot know from external viewing. 

I now you are tired and stressed. Hope you can please continue to find your way to  help us with the details.

Many thanks.

Nancy C in NH
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let me know  thanks sue & princess oh 6/11




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