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tara sullivan

I really want to thank you for your input, help and support with my mare. You have been my rock.

Talked with Dr. A (Internit) last night.  It was a good, matter of fact, linear conversation and it really helped me to assemble the wellness scenario of my mare, in this point and time.  She did discuss Divina with Dr. Belgrave…. Not a whole lot of new info on the SAA front.   His suspicions are strongest for cancer.  And, we could pursue more diagnostics-chest xray and more thorough abdominal ultrasound.   So, for me…it would be “great” to actually find something and have a diagnosis…..but the bottom line is that she won’t recover from cancer.  And if we don’t find anything….now I have a weak horse with a completely bald abdomen and we still have 2 months of winter.


On the slim chance that she has babesiosis-treatment and full recovery is possible.  She does not recommend to just start treatment (As Dr. G has suggested).  She will be calling the lab in NC to get info on testing.  With the increased decline my mare is currently experiencing….we may be out of time to pursue this. And the treatment, from what I understand, has lots of side effects.


Recovery from other tick born infection….possible… But, again, with the increased decline right now????  And she still could have an underlying cancer even if we can clear this infection.  Cancer seems to be the #1 culprit here….and even though she may be able to live for some time with cancer..What kind of life will she have after coming back from this??  I just can’t reasonably expect her to thrive. 


So…I see that there is more that we can do for her…and really give her every possible chance…But, I think she has had enough.  Dr. G and I talked about quality of life parameters about a month ago….There was a period of time after we got her infection under control that I thought she felt pretty good on most days for most parts of the day.  But, today….and for the past several days…this mare does not feel good.  And needs constant intervention to control her fever.  And when she feels crappy she doesn’t eat…and there is not much horse left.


At this point…I feel it is best to let her go. I don’t want to string her along and wind up in an emergency scenario.  

So, my husband is staying home with me tomorrow and Divina will be laid to rest next to her mother.

Gonna miss that girl!

For now it is still

Tara and Divina

NY 2015

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