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Lorna's message states more completely and in much better terms what I was tryiing to say last night.  Thanks Lorna. 

I understood you to say one of your team  had  seen thrombosis before in treatments like this in message #9 in this thread, #198776, where you said:

 I was assured that it was not that. its hard to explain, but I do know about it and will keep a eye out for that. this has happen to donna  when doing a high dose ozone.

Your rads may be clearer in January than in September but January continues to show infection. Above all, that needs to be cleared if possible.

In each message you ask the group for suggestions on what you should be doing.  As Lorna said our posts are meant to be constructive and in response to your request for help.  I am leaving Lorna's message intact. 

Wishing nothing but continued improvement for Princess.

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 ---In EquineCushings@..., <windybriars@...> wrote :

>> you should ask before saying anything.. 

This is where the up-to-date case history comes in .

>>so with that being said if you have questions that's fine

It will be a great time saver for you,Sue,in the long run if you take the time needed to up date. The volunteers will have fewer questions,you won't need to repeat the same answers over and over,for people who haven't the time to read all the previous posts,to see your answers there.

>>I keep getting e-mails on why not to do it..

If you mean members here are emailing you privately about this you need to tell a moderator.

>>we are addressing the infection that could  still be in the bone ..

Good. I hope you can get rid of this infection ASAP.
>>I don't think we missed anything.. testing her blood will come later when her hoofs are better. but there's not anything that else that could be done..

If her PPID/IR were controlled it would be very helpful to her already compromised immune system.

>>... but If you have any suggestions please let me know but please don't knock on the ozone treatments..

>> its new 

It's actually been around for about 100 years,Sue.

All good wishes to you. I do hope you will consider my suggestions above.They are meant only to be constructive.

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