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Nancy C

Thank you for this Dr Kellon.

I am struck by this paragraph:

Internally, it causes an inflammatory reaction in the immune system (release of cytokines) and increased levels of antioxidant enzymes -which are also partially used up in neutralizing the ozone.

Would it then be even more important to make sure the diet supports the horse by not adding pro-inflammatory feed stuffs and make sure the antioxidants are in place in the balanced diet? Higher amounts of Vit e, and maybe other anti-oxidants added on to the basic balanced diet as well?

When you indicate the accompanying use of antibiotic would this be Regional Limb Perfusion?

Interesting about the pain relief.

Thanks again - as always - for the education.

Nancy C in NH
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You shouldn't be getting private messages, even if the writer may think it is kinder to go privately.  All comments pro and con should be made freely and anyone stating pro or con should be fully prepared to back up what they are saying.

I've done a lot of reading on ozone - from alternative sites to American Academy of Ozonetherapy and their ISCO3 literature database to PubMed.  This is nothing new.  The first patent for an ozone generator was filed in 1896. 

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