Hay Question

Karen Turek

I'm totally new to the group and don't even know if my horse is IR or pre-cushings.  She is exercise intolerant and has been anhydrosis (some days worse then others and is a lot better with her sweating issue when given magnesium) 

 I've been thinking she has PSSM but her test for PSSM1 came back negative and I am waiting on the results for PSSM2.  But the more I read about IR and cushings I beginning to question if that might be the problem.  I plan to have her tested for these if the PSSM2 test is negative.

So anyway my question....

Is hay with the following dry matter test results appropriate for a horse that could possibly have IR or cushings?  I think the sugar level is good but is the protein too high?

Protein    15.8%

WSC        11.2%

ESC            6.7%

Starch           .5%

NFC             15.4%

Calcium           .49%

Magnesium    .27%

RFV                112

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