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Hello again,
I'm unset about the comment on not keeping princess insulin in check...

The comment was about checking her insulin level. As others have mentioned, we can't know what has been done if it's not in her history.  In any case, you have given us some more information now.

this horse has been on the same BALANCED DIET the only thing that changed was the things I had to do to balanced the yearly hay...

You have asked for suggestions, and asked that we ask questions if unsure, so here goes. I still am not sure what you mean by BALANCED DIET.  Do you have hay analyses and supplements to balance those mineral levels?  If so, please post them and I'll be glad to take a look - no fee.

her insulin was not with in the normal range but it was not the cause of whats going on with her now. it was higher and she was fine. ........also talking to the vets that I have and had in the pass and now the only thing they said it could be the weather that plays a part in the fluctuation in the insulin and a good trim can make help make the hoof or a bad one can tear it apart and cause problems..

I'm confused about what you mean here too.  When IR is not controlled there is ongoing damage to the laminae even if the horse is not obviously laminitic.  Dr. Johnson described this many years ago and the changes he described are identical to those observed more recently in horses induced to become laminitic with high levels of insulin. While she may have looked "fine" in terms of obvious acute symptoms, she had a smoldering problem.  Trim is not more important than doing all you can to control insulin levels.

No argument that trim has profound effects, especially with fragile feet. However, trim does not cause osteomyelitis any more than uncontrolled IR does.

All we're trying to do is make sure her dietary carb levels and mineral supplementation are optimal for insulin control.  Mineral nutrition is also absolutely essential to a properly functioning immune system and tissue healing.

Pieces of the puzzle.

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