Re: Hay Question

Karen Turek

Thank You Jaini

I will work on the case history and hope to get it posted in the next few days.  it's LOOOONG! 

So I'm confused about the sugar.   I thought it was NSC (which is WSC and Starch combined) that is what needs to be looked at for sugar, but your email referenced ESC?? 

I also have some hay with the following dry matter percentages.  I've been soaking this hay because I thought the sugar was way too high based on what I've been reading on the PSSM Forum page.  I just bought the high protein hay last weekend because I thought this hay with the WSC at 13.7 was way bad for my horse. 

Protein    8.7

WSC    13.7

 ESC       6.9

Starch     1.1

NFC        21.1

RFV          97

Is this hay with the WSC at 13.7 bad for a PSSM horse but in fact good for a IR/Cushings horse?

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