Could someone please look at P's 12/9/2015 x-rays


I had a good farrier shoe Pabatsa for about 2 years.  Then he became "Mr. Hollywood" and started training people to work for him while he is off shoeing three 2016 Olympic horses and flying all over the country getting picked up in limos.

Meanwhile, his third rate help made P sore.  I had xrays taken and gave them to the farrier I just hired. Several of his clients own FEI horses that have also been hurt by this guy.

I'd like to know the group's/Dr. Kellon's thoughts on his feet.  He was done last Monday by the new guy who told me he was sore on the sides but not the toe.  My chiro I use for P told me this past Friday that he is sore in the heels.

Laura in CA

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