This is a high volume list that can be difficult to follow. Help make it easier for everyone by following the Message Posting Guidelines below:


1) Sign your posts. This is a very large group.  Whenever posting a message, identify yourself and your equine by using your full ECIR Signature with your first name, location, the date you joined and the link to your Case History and Photos. The volunteers need all this information to quickly provide quality responses to questions and suggestions for local support, vendors, vets, hoof care, etc.  Go here for directions on how to make, post and save signatures. 


2) Delete all but the part of the message you're replying to before posting.

Please when replying with various devices (smart phones, tablets etc) where ever possible, cut down on the visual clutter in messages by erasing all but the text you are replying to. 


From the Yahoo site:  When using the reply to message box, in the lower left corner click on the “Show Message History" and erase all but the text you are replying to.


3) Change the subject line when threads take off in new directions.  Indicate the topic. For example: NOW: New Subject (was Old Subject). Please check the spelling so that your post turns up in searches. Try not to hijack threads.  Start a New Topic to discuss issues not covered by the subject line.    


4) Don't immediately re-post.  Give “missing” posts a few hours before reposting.  Allow roughly 48 hours before re-posting unanswered messages.  Use "2nd Post" in the subject line and simply provide the original message's number.  Be patient, a lack of response is not personal or a reflection on you in any way. With so many posts some do get missed.


5) Off-topic but horse-related discussions: Our sister group ECHorseKeeping provides a place to discuss issues involving non-metabolic horses, general horse keeping practices, lameness, other equine health issues, alternative therapies and other equine related philosophical debates.


6. READ the Start Here Documents .  Unless you are in an emergency situation, before posting in the messages, please read the documents you were sent upon joining.  These are designed to speed you through the set up process so we can help you help your horse in the most efficient way possible.   


 For more details see ECIR Outreach Posting and Files Guidelines 



Thank you for your cooperation.


Owners, Moderators & Primary Response Team of the Equine Cushings List

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