Re: Jennifer and Darcy, back again


I'm slowly getting things together for my mare Darcy. I have a great barn owner, who has moved her to her own dry lot where she can be fed alone and where I can make a slow feeder for her hay. This is such a relief because I can have better control of her diet.

I have also trimmed her toes much shorter, and it has already made a huge difference.

Because my vet was off last week, I am getting the pergolide prescription this week, and I still have a question:

As I said, I board my mare, so I'm trying to make this easier on the staff. I pre mix Darcy's regular supplements in baggies. I plan to order encapuslated powder. Can I just break it open and add the dosage of pergolide powder to that mix and seal the baggie to prevent more air exposure? Or would that compromise the drug?

Jennifer and Darcy in SC
October 2011


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